D. Laurent

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We compare some popular CDO pricing models, related to the bottom‐up approach. Dependence between default times is modelled through Gaussian, stochastic correlation, Student t, double t, Clayton and Marshall‐Olkin copulas. We detail the model properties and compare the semi‐analytic pricing approach with large portfolio approximation techniques. We study(More)
Depletion of muscle glycogen is considered a limiting performance factor during prolonged exercise, whereas the role of the intramyocellular lipid (IMCL) pool is not yet fully understood. We examined 1) intramyocellular glycogen and lipid utilization during prolonged exercise, 2) resynthesis of muscle glycogen and lipids during recovery, and 3) changes in(More)
To examine the effects of a physiological increase in plasma epinephrine concentration (approximately 800 pg/ml) on muscle glycogenolysis and insulin-stimulated glycogenesis, we infused epinephrine [1.2 micrograms.(m2 body surface)-1.min-1] for 2 h and monitored muscle glycogen and glucose 6-phosphate (G-6-P) concentrations with 13C/31P nuclear magnetic(More)
Fructose has been shown to have a catalytic effect on glucokinase activity in vitro; however, its effects on hepatic glycogen metabolism in humans is unknown. To address this question, we used (13)C nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy to noninvasively assess rates of hepatic glycogen synthesis and glycogenolysis under euglycemic (approximately 5(More)
The effects of gymnochrome A were tested on the electrical activity of the frog atrial heart muscle. Gymnochrome A (1-5 microM) did not alter the resting potential. Gymnochrome A (5 microM) slowed the initial depolarizing phase of the spontaneously beating action potential. Under voltage-clamp conditions gymnochrome A (5 microM) did not affect the(More)
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