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One objective of this experiment was to evaluate our hypotheses that estradiol-17beta regulates secretion of pregnancy specific protein B (PSPB) and that secretion of progesterone during pregnancy is(More)
Two experiments were conducted to determine the luteotropin of pregnancy in sheep and to examine autocrine and paracrine roles of progesterone and estradiol-17 beta on progesterone secretion by the(More)
The objective of this experiment was to determine the effect of mifepristone, a progesterone receptor antagonist, on pregnancy and secretion of steroids, pregnancy-specific protein B (PSPB) and(More)
Pregnancy does not prevent the local transfer or accumulation of prostaglandin F2 alpha (PGF2 alpha) by the corpus luteum (CL), the number of receptors for PGF2 alpha or the binding of PGF2 alpha to(More)