D. L. Spivak

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A group of parturient women was divided on the basis of a special psychological poll into subgroups with a high (changed mental state, CMS) and low (unchanged mental state, UMS) number of signs of changes in the mental state during and after delivery. The background EEG was recorded in 16 monopolar leads before and after delivery. EEG processing included(More)
An interdisciplinary study was carried out of the telomere length and polymorphism of genes of the renin-angiotensin (ACE) and serotonin (5HTR2A and 5HTTLPR) systems in a population of old and very old inhabitants of northwestern Russia, as well as on their relationships to data from clinical and geriatric anamneses and psychological characteristics. By the(More)
Study of correlation of polymorphisms of genes of the rennin-angiotensine system--insertion-deletion (I/D) polymorphism of the angiotensine-converting enzime (ACE), and the polymorphism of angiotensinogen (AGT), consisting in submission of T into C in the 704 position (M235T)--with various characteristics of psychological functioning and clinical(More)
The paper presents results of a pilot study of genetic correlates of adaptive strategies characteristic for religious and (or) spiritual people in stress, induced by unusual and (or) extreme conditions. Birth stress, experienced by 79 young normal female urban dwellers Ss in the course of late pregnancy, giving birth, and the immediately following period(More)
Interdisciplinary study of telomere length, polymorphism of genes of renin-angiotensin (ACE) and serotonin (5HTR2A and 5HTTPR) systems in population of aged and old inhabitants of the North-West of Russia was conducted, in their relations to data from clinical and geriatric anamnesis, and psychological functioning. Regular link between telomere length and(More)