D . L . Shelton

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In Central and Southern Italy, where durum wheat represents one of the most widely cultivated crops, grain filling occurs during Spring, a period characterized by sudden increases in temperature. Wheat grain proteins are classified into albumins, globulins, and prolamins. The nonprolamin fractions include proteins with metabolic activity or structural(More)
Melaleuca alternifolia (Cheel) is an Australia native tree harvested for its monoterpene-rich, essential oil. Monoterpene synthases (E.C. were partially purified from the flush growth of the commercially important, high terpinen-4-ol chemotype of M. alternifolia. The purified fractions produced an acyclic monoterpene, linalool that is not present(More)
Received April 5, 1988; accepted May 26, 1988 An intracavity polarimeter for measuring small optical anisotropies is described. It is based on an optically pumped sodium dimer ring laser that supports two counterpropagating, orthogonally polarized modes. The optical anisotropy of an intracavity sample is detected by its effect on the beat frequency between(More)
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