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Genetic diversity of 35 Psidium guajava L. accessions and three related species (P. guineense Sw., P. sartorianum (O. Berg) Nied. and P. friedrichsthalianum (O. Berg) Nied.) maintained at the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), National Plants Germplasm System, Hilo, HI, was characterized using 20 simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers. Diversity analysis(More)
The Hawk operating system kernel was specifically designed and implemented to support real-time applications on the SANDAC V embedded multiprocessor. The kernel provides a tasking model for program decomposition and supports message passing, synchronization, as well as other ancillary services. The kernel primitives have a Unix™-like system call(More)
—We demonstrate two-user error-free performance of security enhanced spectral phase-encoded time-spreading optical code-division multiple-access across a 150-km field fiber link. The testbed incorporates a 64-mode optical frequency comb source, a fully integrated silica arrayed waveguide grating spectral phase en-coder/decoder, and a tunable dispersion(More)
We demonstrate security-enhanced, multiuser SPECTS O-CDMA transmission across 150 km of field fiber. The testbed incorporates a fully integrated silica AWG spectral phase encoder/decoder and tunable dispersion slope compensation. Error-free performance is achieved using FEC. 1. Introduction In recent years, the increasing penetration of fiber-to-the-premise(More)
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