D. L. H. Cheong

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Recent dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI studies using the adiabatic tissue homogeneity model have highlighted potential issues of difficulty in convergence during data-fitting and reduced parameter precision, due to discontinuities in the adiabatic tissue homogeneity model. This study presents two solutions (an analytic approach and a discrete correction(More)
In this paper, various key points in the rotor design of a low-cost permanent-magnet-assisted synchronous reluctance motor (PMa-SynRM) are introduced and their effects are studied. Finite-element approach has been utilized to show the effects of these parameters on the developed average electromagnetic torque and total d-q inductances. One of the features(More)
A distinct feature of the tumor vasculature is its tortuosity and irregular branching of vessels, which can translate to a wider dispersion and higher variability of blood flow in the tumor. To enable tumor blood flow variability to be assessed in vivo by imaging, a tracer kinetic model that accounts for flow dispersion is developed for use with dynamic(More)
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