D L Cowen

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The use of radiosurgery Gamma-knife for many benign tumors and diseases has increased significantly over the last two decades. The long-term potential carcinogenic risk has not been evaluated until recently. The definition of radio-induced tumors was based on Cahan's criteria: it must occur in the previously irradiated field, with a sufficiently long(More)
Little has been written about the cells here termed cerebellar melanoneurons. This paper describes and illustrates their cytologic features and topographic relationships. In the human brain these large pigmented neurons are scattered in a narrow layer near the lateral wall, dorsal angle and roof of the fourth ventricle. They form an inconspicuous part(More)
With an effective telescope area of order 10 4 m 2 , a threshold of ∼50 GeV and a pointing accuracy of 2.5 degrees, the AMANDA detector represents the first of a new generation of high energy neutrino telescopes, reaching a scale envisaged over 25 years ago. We describe its performance, focussing on the capability to detect halo dark matter particles via(More)
A 31-year-old veterinarian developed seizures, left hemiparesis, loss of memory, and behavioral disorders 5 months after intensive antirabies vaccination, the longest incubation period yet recorded. Computed tomographic scan revealed a right frontal contrastenhanced mass that extended to the left frontal lobe through the corpus callosum. Brain biopsy showed(More)
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