D. L. Coppel

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ASPIRIN poisoning is responsible for over 200 deaths per annum in England and Wales. Forced alkaline diuresis is advocated to hasten renal elimination of the drug when plasma salicylate levels exceed 500 mg/l, whilst charcoal haemoperfusion is the treatment of choice when plasma salicylate levels exceed 900 mg/kg.' This severity of poisoning causes gross(More)
In 1982 Weinstein reported a syndrome in pregnancy characterized by haemolysis, elevated liver enzymes and low patelet count, the HELLP syndrome, and described it as a severe consequence of pre-eclampsia.' Patients may present with a wide variety of signs and symptoms but evidence ofpre-eclampsia may not be present.2 Multisystem failure may occur due to(More)
Central venous catheterization, an everyday procedure in intensive care units, has a number of well recognized complications.' Venous wall perforation resulting in hydrothorax is unlikely when the right internal jugular vein is cannulated by an experienced operator using a J-tipped guide wire and the Seldinger technique.2 If perforation of the vein does(More)
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