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Oral wounds and burns may result in microstomia with significant management problems. An important early management decision involves the selection of an appliance capable of applying forces that will halt and reverse the condition. A selection appropriate to the patient may be based on the need for teeth suitably placed to retain and position a particular(More)
Microstomia is a complication of facial burns, traumatic injuries, scleroderma, or surgical reconstructions involving the oral aperture. A variety of orthoses for the correction or prevention of microstomia are offered by dentists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and other specialists. This paper provides an overview of the structural and(More)
Eighteen microstomia orthoses are compared with respect to their characteristics, use, and limitations. A new prosthesis, the Vancouver microstomia orthosis, was designed to incorporate the advantages of many of the orthoses and eliminate some drawbacks. Ten adults with microstomia secondary to second- or third-degree circumoral flame burns were fitted with(More)
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