D L Abramson

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OBJECTIVE Phospholipase C (PLC)-gamma is a cytosolic enzyme activated by several growth factor (GF) receptors (epidermal GF receptor [EGFR], platelet-derived GF receptor, and insulin-like GF 1 receptor), and its activation is associated with increased cell motility (but not cell proliferation) in nonglioma cell lines. Because up-regulated activation of EGFR(More)
Skeletal abnormalities of the cranial base in various craniosynostoses are well known. Cranial base angulation has been documented in synostotic frontal plagiocephaly--"unilateral coronal synostoses." We analyzed four infants with synostotic frontal plagiocephaly, focusing on computed tomographic images through the cranial base. The scans were performed on(More)
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