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The outage probability of the Switch and Stay Combining/Selection Combining (SSC/SC) combiner output signal at two time instants, in the presence of log-normal fading, is determined in this paper. The probability density function (PDF) of the combiner output signal is derived. Then, the outage probability is numerically calculated using this PDF. The(More)
In this paper, the performance of the system with dual selection combining over correlated Weibull fading channel in the presence of α-µ distributed co-channel interference is studied. The closed-form expressions for probability density function and cumulative distribution function of the signal-to-interference ratio at the output of the selection combining(More)
Many studies on biological effects of neutrons involve dose responses of neutrons, which rely on accurately determined absorbed doses in the irradiated cells or living organisms. Absorbed doses are difficult to measure, and are commonly surrogated with doses measured using separate detectors. The present work describes the determination of doses absorbed in(More)
Radiotherapy is a common cancer treatment module, where a certain amount of dose will be delivered to the targeted organ. This is achieved usually by photons generated by linear accelerator units. However, radiation scattering within the patient's body and the surrounding environment will lead to dose dispersion to healthy tissues which are not targets of(More)
Monte Carlo method has been used to determine the efficiency for proton production and to study the energy and angular distributions of the generated protons. The ENDF library of cross sections is used to simulate the interactions between the neutrons and the atoms in a polyethylene (PE) layer, while the ranges of protons with different energies in PE are(More)
A program code to simulate neutron interactions with a CR-39 detector and calculate parameters describing the induced etched proton tracks in the CR-39 material was previously developed(( 1)). This code was used to understand the mechanisms involved during interactions with neutrons in the CR-39 material and the influence of the etching process, enabling an(More)
In this paper the receiver for the demodulation of M-FSK signals in the presence of Gaussian noise, impulse noise and variable signal amplitude is considered. The communication systems are subject to Gaussian noise, impulse noise and Rayleigh signal amplitude that can seriously degrade their performance.
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