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Cardiovascular dysfunction associated with obesity was assessed by comparing rats that had been maintained on a regular or high fat diet since weaning. Rats on the high fat diet not only gained weight faster than age-matched controls but also had higher systolic and mean pressures. Development of mild hypertension in obese rats was first detected by(More)
To study how baroreflex regulation changes with age we compared reflex heart rate responses elicited in awake Fischer 344 rats of different ages during intravenous infusions of phenylephrine or sodium nitroprusside. Underlying neural mechanisms were assessed by repeating baroreflex tests following cholinergic blockade with methylatropine or beta-adrenergic(More)
Trazium esilate (EGYT-3615) is structurally an as-triazino isoquinolinium salt which showed considerable activity in pharmacological tests characteristic for antidepressants (antagonism of tetrabenazine, potentiation of yohimbine, behavioral despair). The compound exhibited minimal sedative effect. Some findings suggest that it influences the central(More)
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