D. Kristen Gilbert

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Water masses can become undersaturated with oxygen when natural processes alone or in combination with anthropogenic processes produce enough organic carbon that is aerobically decomposed faster than the rate of oxygen reaeration. The dominant natural processes usually involved are photosynthetic carbon production and microbial respiration. The re-supply(More)
Associative learning is a basic component of most learning tasks and has been shown to decline with age. The authors examined associative learning for younger and older adults by using a noun-pair task. Interim testing and prior practice on a similar task were the manipulated variables. Participants were encouraged to use an efficient retrieval strategy.(More)
J. Zhang, D. Gilbert, A. Gooday, L. Levin, W. Naqvi, J. Middelburg, M. Scranton, W. Ekau, A. Pena, B. Dewitte, T. Oguz, P. M. S. Monteiro, E. Urban, N. Rabalais, V. Ittekkot, W. M. Kemp, O. Ulloa, R. Elmgren, E. Escobar-Briones, and A. Van der Plas State Key Laboratory of Estuarine and Coastal Research, East China Normal University, 3663 Zhongshan Road(More)
The incidence and intensity of hypoxic waters in coastal aquatic ecosystems has been expanding in recent decades coincident with eutrophication of the coastal zone. Worldwide, there is strong interest in reducing the size and duration of hypoxia in coastal waters, because hypoxia causes negative effects for many organisms and ecosystem processes. Although(More)
Researchers studied 162 male undergraduates in an experiment designed to investigate how the experience of unfair treatment affects the reactions of nonbeneficiaries of sex-based preferential selection in terms of responses to the work task, characterizations of the woman beneficiary, and prosocial orientation to the work setting. The basis of selection(More)
The purpose of this study was to analyze automatic teller machine (ATM) usage across the adult life span. We conducted an extensive survey of 9000 people in the Memphis and Atlanta metropolitan areas. Approximately 17% of those people responded. The survey assessed detailed demographic information, experience with technology in general, experience(More)
We examined the site of learning as a function of task type and age. Two experiments examined whether learning in semantic category search is exclusive to trained elements of categories or generalizable to other elements of the trained categories. Specifically, we examined how practice searching for small subsets of exemplars from taxonomic categories(More)
It is often assumed that automatic teller machines (ATMs) are inherently easy to use and require no training. However, there is evidence to suggest that ATM users do experience difficulty when learning to use the system. The purpose of the present study was to conduct an in-depth analysis of ATM usage by older adults. Our approach consisted of telephone(More)
The present study investigated age-related differences in perceptual learning. We assessed performance and learning on a semantic category visual search task. We investigated whether prepractice was beneficial for general learning and for automatic attention response development. In terms of general learning, prepractice was beneficial, especially for older(More)