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Probit analysis calculations are highly useful in biology and related sciences. Since the statistical calculations and tests required are quite involved, the use of an automatic computer program is desirable. The description of the computational procedures and use of the computer program with suitable examples from mosquito control programmes are discussed.
This paper presents a brief review of known face recognition methods such as Principal Component Analysis (PCA) (Turk & Pentland, 1991), Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA) (Belhumeur et al., 1997) and Locality Preserving Projections (LPP) (He et al., 2005), in addition to intelligent face recognition systems that use neural networks such as (Khashman,(More)
The probit analysis model is generally used for the determination of lethal dosages in bioassay applications. However, the logit models, which use the logistic curve instead of the integrated normal curve, could also be effectively used for the determination of lethal dosages and regression coefficients. In this paper, two types of logit models, namely(More)
In a developing country like India, classification and identification of the species of Anopheline mosquitoes in control operations of mosquito-borne diseases is of paramount importance. The WHO monograph, which describes the taxonomic data in the form of a pictorial key is generally difficult to understand by a non-taxonomist. Utilizing the principles of(More)
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