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We have carried out partial amino acid sequence analysis of a putative nuclear pore complex protein (nucleoporin) of rat that reacts with wheat germ agglutinin and with the polyspecific monoclonal antibody 414. Surprisingly, these partial amino acid sequence data revealed a high degree of similarity with the human CAN protein, the complete cDNA-derived(More)
Sheep, mice, cattle, goats and pigs have all been cloned by transfer of a donor cell nucleus into an enucleated ovum, and now we add the successful cloning of a cat (Felis domesticus) to this list. However, this cloning technology may not be readily extendable to other mammalian species if our understanding of their reproductive processes is limited or if(More)
Meningiomas are tumors that arise from the coverings of the brain or spinal cord. 5% of the cases turn into malignant forms with aggressive clinical behavior and increased risk of tumor recurrence. One hundred and five patients with meningiomas were operated by open surgery. To investigate predictors of meningioma recurrence in total 124 samples of 105(More)
To evaluate the impact of mild hypoglycemia on CNS function in healthy adults, we measured brain stem auditory evoked potentials and P300 potentials (elicited by cognitive processing of auditory stimuli) during hypoglycemic or euglycemic insulin clamps (80 mU.m-2.min-1). In the hypoglycemic clamp study (n = 8), plasma glucose was allowed to fall from 4.6 to(More)
BACKGROUND Long-term clinical and molecular remissions in patients with follicular lymphoma (FL) following high-dose therapy (HDT) and autologous stem cell transplantation (ASCT) have been evaluated in only a few studies. Results are especially limited for second-line HDT with BEAM (BCNU, etoposide, cytarabine and melphalan). PATIENTS AND METHODS Sixty(More)
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