D. Koutsouris

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The concept of a wireless integrated network of sensors, already applied in several sectors of our everyday life, such as security, transportation and environment monitoring, can as well provide an advanced monitor and control resource for healthcare services. By networking medical sensors wirelessly, attaching them in patient's body, we create the(More)
This paper describes innovative software for catheter localization and three-dimensional (3-D) reconstruction in stepping source brachytherapy applications. Patient information is a set of computed tomography (CT) slices scanned during the implantation of brachytherapy catheters. Catheter geometry and patient anatomy are exported for use with dose(More)
Type 1 diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease characterized by blood glucose levels out of normal range due to inability of insulin production. This dysfunction leads to many short- and long-term complications. In this paper, a system for tele-monitoring and tele-management of Type 1 diabetes patients is proposed, aiming at reducing the risk of diabetes(More)
Nowadays, there are molecular biology techniques providing information related to cervical cancer and its cause: the human Papillomavirus (HPV), including DNA microarrays identifying HPV subtypes, mRNA techniques such as nucleic acid based amplification or flow cytometry identifying E6/E7 oncogenes, and immunocytochemistry techniques such as overexpression(More)
Multisensor image fusion is a process of combining information from multiple sensors. A newly non-invasive neurosurgical method that requires image fusion is the Gamma Knife. In this paper we present and evaluate advanced image fusion algorithms for Matlab platform and DICOM images helping efficiently the innovative Gamma Knife treatment planning. This(More)
in business domains requiring high level of customiza-tion and high level of portability like in the health domain. The approach discussed has been successfully used for the development of a large (in terms of complexity) client application in the financial domain. We are transferring the proposed approach to the health domain, having already developed an(More)
Long latency evoked potentials (EP's) are electrical potentials related to brain information processing mechanisms. In this paper, three-layered neurophysiologically based artificial neural network model is presented whose neurons obey to Dale's law. The first two layers of the network can memorize and recall sparsely coded patterns, oscillating at(More)
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