D. Koutsouris

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BACKGROUND In the development of tissue classification methods, classifiers rely on significant differences between texture features extracted from normal and abnormal regions. Yet, significant differences can arise due to variations in the image acquisition method. For endoscopic imaging of the endometrium, we propose a standardized image acquisition(More)
The concept of a wireless integrated network of sensors, already applied in several sectors of our everyday life, such as security, transportation and environment monitoring, can as well provide an advanced monitor and control resource for healthcare services. By networking medical sensors wirelessly, attaching them in patient's body, we create the(More)
This paper describes innovative software for catheter localization and three-dimensional (3-D) reconstruction in stepping source brachytherapy applications. Patient information is a set of computed tomography (CT) slices scanned during the implantation of brachytherapy catheters. Catheter geometry and patient anatomy are exported for use with dose(More)
The rapidly increasing volume of published clinical and non-clinical data at a variety of sources and the resulting great effort required for researchers to access them and mine information of interest lead to clinical trials that are based on only a limited set of knowledge in the domain they cover. This restricted view of the clinical trials' context is(More)
Type 1 diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease characterized by blood glucose levels out of normal range due to inability of insulin production. This dysfunction leads to many short- and long-term complications. In this paper, a system for tele-monitoring and tele-management of Type 1 diabetes patients is proposed, aiming at reducing the risk of diabetes(More)
The objective of this study was to classify hysteroscopy images of the endometrium based on texture analysis for the early detection of gynaecological cancer. A total of 418 regions of interest (ROIs) were extracted (209 normal and 209 abnormal) from 40 subjects. Images were gamma corrected and were converted to gray scale. The following texture features(More)
The implementation of digital watermarking technology in healthcare applications is still in its infancy; however, the benefits of exploring this technology towards secure and efficient health data management are steadily propagated and realized by the research community. The paper presents the architecture of a watermarking software development kit (SDK),(More)
Clinical trials often fail to demonstrate beneficial effects and might overestimate the unwanted effects, with their results having low external validity. They focus on single interventions, whereas the clinical practice environment comprises various features that affect the efficacy, feasibility, duration and costs of a clinical trial. In this chapter we(More)
The objective of the e-Vital project is the validation of the market concerning the provision of a novel remote telemedicine service aimed at large sensitive parts of the European population, the "at-risk" citizens, who are usually patients with a stable medical condition that allow a near normal life but may suddenly deteriorate and put life at risk. This(More)