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This work describes an improved version of the original OPLS-all atom (OPLS-AA) force field for carbohydrates (Damm et al., J Comp Chem 1997, 18, 1955). The improvement is achieved by applying additional scaling factors for the electrostatic interactions between 1,5- and 1,6-interactions. This new model is tested first for improving the conformational(More)
Schizophyllan is a beta(1-->3)-D-glucan polysaccharide with beta(1-->6)-branched lateral glucose residues that presents a very stiff triple-helical structure under most experimental conditions. Despite the remarkable stability of this structure (which persists up to 120 degrees C in aqueous solution), schizophyllan undergoes a major change of state around 7(More)
Explicit-solvent molecular dynamics simulations (50 ns, 300 K) of the eight reducing glucose disaccharides (kojibiose, sophorose, nigerose, laminarabiose, maltose, cellobiose, isomaltose, and gentiobiose) have been carried out using the GROMOS 45A4 force field (including a recently reoptimized carbohydrate parameter set), to investigate and compare their(More)
A series of explicit-solvent molecular dynamics simulations of the protein ubiquitin are reported, which investigate the effect of environmental factors (presence of methanol cosolvent in the aqueous solution, neutral or low pH value, room or elevated temperature) on the structure, stability, and dynamics of the protein. The simulations are initiated either(More)
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