D Kip

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We report on the experimental observation of modulation instability of partially spatially incoherent light beams in noninstantaneous nonlinear media and show that in such systems patterns can form spontaneously from noise. Incoherent modulation instability occurs above a specific threshold that depends on the coherence properties (correlation distance) of(More)
Lithium niobate photonic circuits have the salutary property of permitting the generation, transmission, and processing of photons to be accommodated on a single chip. Compact photonic circuits such as these, with multiple components integrated on a single chip, are crucial for efficiently implementing quantum information processing schemes. We present a(More)
We overview our recent results on spatio-spectral control, diffraction management, broadband switching, and self-trapping of poly-chromatic light in periodic photonic lattices in the form of rainbow gap solitons, polychromatic surface waves, and multigap color breathers. We show that an interplay of wave scattering from a periodic structure and interaction(More)
Fabrication of surface reliefs is achieved by raster scanning dry photopolymer films under a focused laser beam. The formation of the structure takes place subsequent to illumination without any chemical treatment or wet processing. Computer-generated optical elements can be recorded quickly, easily, and at low cost. The technology is particularly well(More)
We generate experimentally different types of two-dimensional Bloch waves of a square photonic lattice by employing the phase imprinting technique. We probe the local dispersion of the Bloch modes in the photonic lattice by analyzing the linear diffraction of beams associated with the high-symmetry points of the Brillouin zone, and also distinguish the(More)
We report on novel focused ion beam fabrication techniques that can greatly improve the optical performance of photonic crystal structures. The finite depth and conicity effects of holes and trenches in Lithium Niobate (LN) photonic crystals have been theoretically analyzed, showing that the conicity causes refraction into the bulk sample, resulting in high(More)
We study theoretically and observe experimentally poly-chromatic gap solitons generated by supercontinuum light in an array of optical waveguides. The solitons are formed through a sharp transition from diffraction-induced broadening and color separation to the simultaneous spatio-spectral localization of supercontinuum light inside the photonic bandgap(More)
We study experimentally the nonlinear dynamics of two-color optical vortex beams in the presence of second-harmonic generation combined with the effects of photo-and thermal refraction, as well as self-and induced-phase modulation. We use an iron-doped lithium niobate crystal as a nonlinear medium for the vortex propagation and observe experimentally,(More)
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