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The most important fast block matching algorithms are analysed and evaluated. Then a new fast search method, the "Spiral Search Algorithm" (SSA), is introduced. It is a three step algorithm which follows a spiral path searching outwards for candidate locations that satisfy the matching criterion. The efficiency of the SSA arises from: (1) the(More)
An important issue in the health care sector is the collection of information about adverse incidents relative to medical devices and the exchange of this information among Health Care Institutions, Manufacturers and Competent Authorities. We present an Electronic Post Market Surveillance System, which solves in an efficient and secure way the above problem(More)
Farmers need to make decisions that in most cases incorporate the concept of prediction and can hardly be revoked. One such decision is the application of fertilizing inputs. During past crop management and decision-making on fertilizing practices, many significant errors have been recorded, which have led and continue to lead to reduced production and(More)
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