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  • Gregory D Wyss, Kelly H Jorgensen, Ronald L Iman, Michael J Shortencarier, J M Davenport, D K Ziegler
  • 1998
This document is a reference guide for LHS, Sandia's Latin Hypercube Sampling Software. This software has been developed to generate either Latin hypercube or random multivariate samples. The Latin hypercube technique employs a constrained sampling scheme, whereas random sampling corresponds to a simple Monte Carlo technique. The present program replaces(More)
The comparative efficacy of propranolol and amitriptyline in the prophylaxis of migraine headache was studied in 30 patients in a double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover design. Headache response to medication was measured monthly by compilation of headache scores derived from quantitative data recorded by patients in a daily diary; at each visit, Zung(More)
A child, aged 24 months, incurred an episode of ataxic gait. Two months later, she had a recurrent episode of ataxic gait and bilateral blindness. Her symptoms were resolved with steroid therapy. A permanent visual deficit of 20/200 remained in the right eye. When she reached 16 years 10 months of age, she incurred the second episode of bilateral blindness.(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine if the effectiveness of propranolol hydrochloride and amitriptyline hydrochloride are correlated with blood levels and/or with standardized test of pharmacologic effect and to determine which clinical variables are predictors of response to one or the other medication. DESIGN Three-month modules of treatment with each drug and(More)
Syncope with and without convulsion was studied in unselected blood donors in a community blood center. Convulsive syncope occurred in 0.03% of all blood donors and was more commonly observed when nursing personnel were alerted to its possible occurrence. It was more common in men. Although tonic extensor spasm was the most common convwithout convulsion was(More)
Three cases of osteomyelitis of the skull base with associated problems in diagnosis and therapy are discussed. Patients with atypical skull base osteomyelitis are difficult to diagnose as they have no ear abnormalities, but they often develop multiple cranial nerve deficits mimicking symptoms of a posterior fossa mass. We conclude that computed tomographic(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the psychological characteristics of headache sufferers who seek medical assistance with those who do not. SUBJECTS Fifty-one patients seeking medical help for their headache and 53 controls who had not sought medical assistance for their headache within the past 2 years. All subjects completed a structured interview that gathered(More)