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Liquid chromatographic separation of fatty acid methyl esters and phosphatidic acid dimethyl esters with silver nitrate-impregnated silica gel columns
Abstract Standard fatty acid methyl esters were separated by high-performance liquid chromatography with a silver nitrate-impregnated silica gel column with benzene as eluent and a differentialExpand
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Effect of oral administration of 'essential' phospholipid, beta-glycerophosphate, and linoleic acid on biliary lipids in patients with cholelithiasis.
6 patients with radiolucent cholelithiasis underwent randomized successive 3-week trials on each of the following medications: beta-glycerophosphate, linoleic acid, or purified soybean lecithin.Expand
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Effect of eicosatetraenyl (3-aminopropyl) phosphonate (URI-73A) on platelet aggregation and arachidonic acid metabolism.
Eicosatetraenyl (3-aminopropyl) phosphonate (URI-73A), an experimental anti-hypertensive drug, when tested in vitro, inhibits platelet aggregation especially that induced by arachidonic acid (AA) andExpand