D K Tyshchenko

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Ukraine has been experiencing epidemic diphtheria since 1991. In efforts to control this epidemic, a mass vaccination campaign was held in April 1995. Persons not vaccinated in the previous 3 years were considered eligible for vaccination with tetanus-diphtheria toxoids (Td). Two cluster sample surveys were conducted to determine vaccination coverage(More)
In response to concerns about diphtheria vaccine efficacy, a case-control study was undertaken in Ukraine in 1996 to determine whether those recently immunized were indeed protected from disease, whether multiple doses were more protective, whether contact with children was related to disease, and whether there were detectable differences in protective(More)
A case-control study in Ukraine provided the first data on the field effectiveness of Russian-produced vaccine during the 1990 diphtheria resurgence in the former Soviet Union. For each of 262 diphtheria cases <15 years of age who were reported from January through October 1992, 2 controls, matched by age and clinic, were selected. The effectiveness of(More)
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