D.K. Tasoulis

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We consider situations in which the measurements an agent expects to receive are prone to delay. A number of procedures have been proposed to handle such delays. These procedures provide extended frameworks that incorporate delayed measurement once available. In a simple context, we explore the performance of these algorithms, and find that we can reduce(More)
Delayed measurements can create difficulties for discrete time filtering. A number of procedures have been proposed to handle such delayed observations. A common characteristic of these methods is the policy of always incorporating, or fusing, delayed measurements at the time they are finally available. In this paper, we consider such methods, and develop(More)
Distributed sensor networks have found numerous real life applications. However the endemic ambiguity of real environments can disrupt the communication procedure such that measurements arrive late to an active agent that estimates the dynamics of the measured phenomenon. In this work we evaluate the informational utility of delayed packets, and show(More)
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