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Over 225,000 independent Agrobacterium transferred DNA (T-DNA) insertion events in the genome of the reference plant Arabidopsis thaliana have been created that represent near saturation of the gene space. The precise locations were determined for more than 88,000 T-DNA insertions, which resulted in the identification of mutations in more than 21,700 of the(More)
Iterative methods for the solution of tridiagonal systems are considered, and a new iteration is presented, whose rate of convergence is comparable to that of the optimal two-cyclic Chebyshev iteration but which does not require the calculation of optimal parameters. The convergence rate depends only on the magnitude of the elements of the tridiagonal(More)
The ILLIAC IV is a unique machine which has led the research and development of lockstep parallel processing. The machine has been operational since 1973, in experimental mode, and since 1975 in full production mode. There has been on the order of a hundred users of the machine and these users and their codes have been well documented. Four languages are(More)
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