D . K . Scott

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Titania nanoparticles in a hydroxypropyl cellulose matrix produced using a sol-gel method were utilized to prepare films on polycarbonate slides and coatings on cellulose papers. The exposure of these materials to hydrogen peroxide gas leads to the development of an intense yellow color. By using an inexpensive web camera and a tungsten lamp to measure the(More)
Water samples, drawn from groundwater monitoring wells located southeast of Oklahoma City, OK, were found to contain elevated concentrations of total chromium with an apparent source localized to the area surrounding each well. Since these monitoring wells are located in areas with no historic chromium usage, industrial sources of chromium were ruled out.(More)
  • S . Martin W . R . Falk R . G . H . Robertson, A . Djaloeis, +17 authors John A. MacDonald
  • 2011
The ('He, 'He) reaction has proven to be quite useful for obtaining masses of proton-rich nuclei. To date, such mass measurements have been confined to T, =-2 nuclei withA&40. ' %'e report here the first observation and consequent mass measurement of the T, = -1 nuclei Fe and ' Ni via the "Fe('He, 'He)"Fe and "Ni('He, 'He}"Ni reactions. These masses extend(More)
The enduring effects of injected materials used for the remediation of chlorinated solvents were examined. Approximately two years previous to this study, four different remediation methods were tested in an area located southeast of Oklahoma City, OK. These methods included bioremediation under both anaerobic and aerobic conditions and chemical remediation(More)
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