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The structural patterns of sexual arousal are examined for eight male and eight female heterosexuals. Comparisons are made in terms of physiological and subjective arousal. The results indicate (1) that males and females differ in both the direction and magnitude of their arousal response to a variety of erotic stimuli and (2) that there is a stronger(More)
Two operating characteristics of the vaginal photoplethysmograph were examined in an attempt to explain some of the methodological variance in the data produced by this device. Both the original Sintchak and Geer (1975) vaginal probe and a modified LED probe were examined for response consistency and temperature sensitivity. The results reveal that, for(More)
The effects of manipulating attentional focus (self-versus partner-focus) and level of partner responsiveness (high, low, and ambiguous) on sexual responding were examined with sexually functional (N = 8) men. These manipulations were embedded in six standardized 3-minute erotic audiotapes. When the partner was displaying high sexual responsiveness,(More)