D. K. Pandey

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The effects of various cultural factors on the secretion of three pectic enzymes (PP, PG and PE) byAlternaria tenuis on synthetic media were studied. The results can be summarised as follow: 1. No definite correlation between the secretion of pectic enzymes, pH of the medium and the growth of the fungus was observed. 2. The secretion of the enzyme was(More)
Major facilitators of water movement through plant cell membranes include aquaporin proteins. Wheat is among the largest and most important cereal crops worldwide; however, unlike other model plants such as rice, maize and Arabidopsis, little has been reported on wheat major intrinsic proteins (MIPs). This study presents a comprehensive computational(More)
Bioinformatics is faced with accelerating increase of data set sizes originating from powerful high-throughput measuring devices. Extensive computational power is the basic requirement for solving problems in bioinformatics. One of the key solutions to time-efficient data processing is the proper implementation of computational intensive tasks using(More)
2014 Dielectric loss studies have been made in rubidium chloride crystals doped with Co2+ impurities. In this case the impurity ion consists of d-electrons in its outermost shell and is much smaller than the host cation. The peaks in the tan 03B4 vs. frequency isotherms follow an Arrhenius type relation. The values of activation energy for the I-V dipole(More)
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