D. K. Pal

Apeksha Sahu2
Pramod Tiwary2
P. Chandran2
2Apeksha Sahu
2Pramod Tiwary
2P. Chandran
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India’s growing self-sufficiency in food production and food stocks since independence suggest that soils have the capacity to produce. Therefore, a review of Indian soils and their capacity to sequester carbon; and the factors favouring C sequestration under different land uses is in order. Several researchers, especially those in The National Bureau of(More)
An integrated methodology using quality function deployment (QFD) and analytic network process (ANP) is proposed to determine and prioritize the engineering requirements of a cast part, based on the customer needs, for selecting and evaluating an appropriate rapid prototyping (RP) based route for tooling fabrication. The QFD incorporates a planning matrix(More)
The present study was undertaken with an objective to study the impact of pedo-edaphic environments, cropping systems, land use, and management practices on the MBC. Soil samples were collected from seventeen benchmark soils representing different agro-ecological sub regions of black soil region of India. The pooled comparisons of MBC in different(More)
A study was undertaken in the established benchmark soil series in different agro-ecological sub-regions of Black Soil Regions of India with the objective to assess the urease activity as a function of soil depth, bio-climate, cropping system and land use type. The urease activity declined with increase in soil depth. Maximum activity was restricted within(More)
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