D. K. Pai

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Creating and animating subject-specific anatomical models is traditionally a difficult process involving medical image segmentation, geometric corrections and the manual definition of kinematic parameters. In this paper, we introduce a novel template morphing algorithm that facilitates 3D modeling and parameterization of skeletons. Target data can be either(More)
In this paper, the effects and the optimization of machining parameters on surface roughness in the grinding of 6061Al-SiC 25P (MMCs) specimen are investigated. In the grinding process, a machining parameter, such as hardness of the specimen, flow rate of the coolant and depth of cut while machining were chosen for evaluation by the response surface(More)
We demonstrate the Scarlet Knight Interactive Persona, a life-sized animated human avatar which interacts with users using stereo vision. Interaction includes mimicry (where the Knight moves around his domain to reflect the user's position in the world), and game play (in which the user's movement is construed as mark placement in a game of tic-tac-toe).
Three-dimensional fingertip trajectory was examined under different force levels of the lumbrical muscle to clarify the function of the lumbrical muscle in free index finger motion. The metacarpophalangeal joint balancing effect of the lumbrical muscle in the thumb-up position was also examined. The motions of the finger bones were recorded during simulated(More)
The present study is focused on the multi-objective optimization of performance parameters such as specific energy (u), metal removal rate (MRR) and surface roughness(Ra) obtained in grinding of Al-SiC 35P composites. The enhanced elitist non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm (NSGA-II) is used to solve this multi-objective optimization problem. Al-SiC(More)
Non-invasively determining the three-dimensional structure of real flames is a challenging task. We present a tomographic method for reconstructing a volumetric model from multiple images of fire. The method is similar to sparse-view computerized tomography and is applicable to static camera setups observing dynamic flames. Using an algebraic reconstruction(More)
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