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We are experimenting with multiple mobile robots under visual control. The current goal of our work is to construct an architecture for robots engaged in cooperative and competitive behaviour. Multiple robots have recently been the focus of much attention; however, the little work that has been done with implemented systems has involved simple tasks and(More)
We describe and test methods to construct modal resonance models for solid objects, suitable for the real-time synthesis of sound-effects in simulation and animation. Measurements on typical everyday objects such as a metal vase or a bowl result in several hundred modes, of which only a small fraction is perceptually relevant. We have proposed several(More)
Creating and animating subject-specific anatomical models is traditionally a difficult process involving medical image segmentation, geometric corrections and the manual definition of kinematic parameters. In this paper, we introduce a novel template morphing algorithm that facilitates 3D modeling and parameterization of skeletons. Target data can be either(More)
Because of the redundancy in the musculoskeletal system, to generate a force at the hand in a given direction and with a given magnitude the central nervous system (CNS) has to select one of infinitely many possible muscle activation patterns. What strategies and constraints underlie such selection is an open and debated issue. The CNS might select muscle(More)
We demonstrate the Scarlet Knight Interactive Persona, a life-sized animated human avatar which interacts with users using stereo vision. Interaction includes mimicry (where the Knight moves around his domain to reflect the user's position in the world), and game play (in which the user's movement is construed as mark placement in a game of tic-tac-toe).
Three major benefits of using commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) products to meet defense needs are: 1) reduces overall cost of the military hardware; 2) enhances the defense supplier base; and 3) maintains technological superiority by leveraging state-of-the-art technology rapidly. However, inadequate information on realistic military operating environments,(More)
Three-dimensional fingertip trajectory was examined under different force levels of the lumbrical muscle to clarify the function of the lumbrical muscle in free index finger motion. The metacarpophalangeal joint balancing effect of the lumbrical muscle in the thumb-up position was also examined. The motions of the finger bones were recorded during simulated(More)
subset of the topic of auditory display , has developed rapidly in recent decades. It brings together interests from the areas of data mining, exploratory data analysis, human–computer interfaces, and computer music. Sonification presents information by using sound (particularly nonspeech), so that the user of an auditory display obtains a deeper(More)
EDUCATION 2007: Phd in computer science, University of Geneva – Switzerland (with highest honours) 2002: Master " Images and systems " , INSA Lyon – France (with honours) Sept. 97-Sept. 99: INSA Lyon – France (1 st and 2 nd year): General scientific scholarship.
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