D K Naik An

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—The imaging problem of spotlight synthetic aperture radar (SAR) in the presence of azimuth spectrum folding phenomenon can be resolved by adopting the azimuth deramping-based technique and traditional stripmap SAR imaging algorithm, and this method is the so-called two-step processing approach. However, when the spotlight SAR operates on squinted mode, the(More)
—The coherence between the complex image pair from two channels is important for improving the capability of along-track interferometry (ATI) processing in synthetic aperture radar (SAR) ground moving target indication (GMTI). The along-track dual-channel low frequency SAR can be easily influenced by not only mismatch errors of the image pair but also the(More)
how we can determine the degree to which hyper-planes are responsible for points on a decision boundary. This algorithm allows us to continue to operate on networks in a variety of ways based on their hyperplane positions, but to be more accurate in our assessment of the contribution that each hyperplane makes to the separation of classiier data. The method(More)
Thirty-eight samples of Moutan (Paeonia suffruticosa Andr.) Cortex obtained from three different regions (Southwest, East and Middle China) and two samples of unknown region were subjected to analysis with pyrolysis-high resolution gas chromatography (Py-HRGC). Each sample was thus characterized by the peak area of 41 peaks in each Py-HRGC profile.(More)
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