D. K. Jennings

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This talk presents the automatic mapping results of the HPEC Challenge benchmarks onto an embedded tiled architecture using pMapper. pMapper is a novel automatic mapping system originally designed for automatic mapping of MATLAB programs onto commodity cluster systems. Here, the pMapper architecture is extended to address the mapping of applications onto(More)
Responding to a terrorist attack is extraordinarily complex due to the unpredictability as well as the resulting devastation, confusion, and apprehension. Further complications arise from the enormity of available data as well as the participation of multiple agencies and organizations, which often hinders the discovery and assimilation of pertinent(More)
Today's safety and security missions are exceedingly complex, and are becoming more so every day. The operational complexity arises from the growing enormity of available information as well as the participation of multiple interdependent agencies and organizations. Increasingly, decision-makers need an integrated, intelligent system that can seamlessly(More)
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