D. K. Frederick

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—We present methods to automatically identify and optimize controllers for large-scale complex dynamic systems; in particular, aircraft gas turbine engines. We show how the optimization of different elements within the overall controller can be addressed in an efficient fashion. These elements include local actuator gains, control modifiers, and control(More)
Physician maldistribution is a widely recognized problem facing virtually all health care systems. In this study, information from three health care systems--the United States, the United Kingdom, and Sweden--was used to address two questions: How do organizational features of health care systems affect their ability to deal with the problem of physician(More)
Frege proposed his doctrine of unsaturatedness as a solution to the problems of the unity of the proposition and the unity of the sentence. I explain the traditional solution to the problem of the unity of the sentence, as expounded by Mill, which invokes a syncategorematic sign of predication and the connotation and denotation of terms. I streamline this(More)
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