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MMPI profiles of 10 psychiatric PG's have been compared with 10 medical PG's. The findings are discussed statistically and otherwise. Both the groups fall within the range of normal. Some interesting findings are not unexpected, if a larger section of population could be studied preferably over a span of few years.
1) Role of E C T in schizophrenia is a controversial issue which is yet far from settled. Various workers have often made contradictory claims. Our findings are to be interpreted in this context, i.e. our observations and conclusions are restricted on to our study and should not be regarded as definitive or as the last word on the role of ECT in(More)
Neuroleptic malignant syndrome (NMS) is one of the rave but potentially fatal, idiosyncratic reaction to Neuroleptics and other medications (Smego and Durack, 1985). I t is characterised by fever, autonomic dysfunction, rigidity, altered conscious state with associated laboratory parameters like raised GPK, LDH, Hepatic enzymes, leucocytosis. This syndrome(More)
Sir, Gada (1997) while reporting case of Rabbit Syndrome describes it as first in Indian literature. But to my knowledge at least two more cases have been reported earlier. Gangadhar et al. (1981) and I myself (Jain, 1993) have reported these cases in Journals none other then the official publications of I.P.S. itself. Gangadhar et al. (1981) reported this(More)
In spite oi" the continuing advances in the pharmacotherapy ECT remains an extremely useful and often indispensable treatment for the so-called functional psychoses. It was noted in J . J . Hospital, Bombay that a large number of patients come to O.P.D. from far-off places and have to be admitted for the course of ECTs even if they could otherwise be(More)
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