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— Organizations apply data or information security only in terms of protecting their network from intruders (e.g. hackers) but with growing amount of sensitive data and rapid growth in the sizes of organizations (e.g. due to globalization), rise in number of data points (machines and servers) and easier modes of communication, sometime accidental or even(More)
Ayurvedic plants are known for thousands of years to have anti-inflammatory and antiarthritic effect. We have recently shown that BV-9238, a proprietary formulation of Withania somnifera, Boswellia serrata, Zingiber officinale, and Curcuma longa, inhibits LPS-induced TNF-alpha and nitric oxide production from mouse macrophage and reduces inflammation in(More)
OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY To clinically validate the efficacy and safety of herbal cough formula CORSHE-E of ayurvedic origin. PROCEDURE An open label, uncontrolled clinical study was done on thirty patients with history of cough. The patients were given the cough syrup after they were enrolled in the study and were followed up for a period of seven days.(More)
Now a days students, office staff and even study scholars are using portable appliances such as laptops, mobile phones and PDAs. These devices are mostly wireless, hence they can be carried along with us. So, such mobile devices are fetching much popularity by the users. Also, They are available in affordable prizes. Previously cell phones were used only(More)
Voting is one of the most important activities in a democratic society. In a traditional voting environment voting process sometimes becomes quite inconvenient due to the reluctance of certain voters to visit a polling booth to cast votes besides involving huge social and human resources. The development of computer networks and elaboration of cryptographic(More)
Genetic algorithms (GA) are search algorithms based on the mechanics of natural selection and natural genetics. Genetic algorithm was developed by John Holland in the 1970's and got popular in the late 1980's. It is based on ideas from Darwinian evolution (Survival of the fittest). This is an evolutionary computational technique and can be used to solve a(More)
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