D. John Done

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This paper considers the results of three different methods of encoding visual and motor representations of single sequential character production using three different architectures for the simulation of perceptual and motor processes. Examination of such processes through neural net modelling of the generation of handwritten characters promises to be a(More)
In handwriting the drawing or copying of an individual letter involves a process of linearising whereby the form of the letter is broken down into a temporal sequence of strokes for production. In experienced writers, letters are produced consistently using the same production methods that are economic in terms of movement. This regularity permits a(More)
The work outlined in this paper explores the influence of prior knowledge and related experience (held in the form of weights) on the generalisation performance of connectionist models. Networks were trained on simple classification and associated tasks. Results regarding the transfer of related experience between networks trained using back-propagation and(More)
This paper presents results from lesion experiments on a modular attractor neural network model of semantic access. Real picture data forms the basis of perceptual input to the model. An ultrametric attractor space is used to represent semantic memory and is implemented using a biologically plausible variant of the Hopfield model. Lesioned performance is(More)
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