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This Letter reports results from the MINOS experiment based on its initial exposure to neutrinos from the Fermilab NuMI beam. The rates and energy spectra of charged current nu(mu) interactions are compared in two detectors located along the beam axis at distances of 1 and 735 km. With 1.27 x 10(20) 120 GeV protons incident on the NuMI target, 215 events(More)
We present a series of measurements based on K L,S →␲ ϩ ␲ Ϫ and K L,S →␲ 0 ␲ 0 decays collected in 1996 – 1997 by the KTeV experiment ͑E832͒ at Fermilab. We compare these four K→␲␲ decay rates to measure the direct CP violation parameter Re(⑀Ј/⑀)ϭ(20.7Ϯ2.8)ϫ10 Ϫ4. We also test CPT symmetry by measuring the relative phase between the CP violating and CP(More)
Algorithms for relational learning and proposi-tional learning face different statistical challenges. In contrast to propositional learners, rela-tional learners often make statistical inferences about data that exhibit linkage and autocorrela-tion. Recent work has shown that these characteristics of relational data can bias inferences made by relational(More)
This paper presents a new concept of on-line control flow monitoring called Roving Monitoring. This technique utilizes a special purpose roving monitoring processor in order to provide continuous and concurrent checking of instruction level control flow in multiple processor systems. The roving monitoring processor is time shared among several application(More)
We report the results of a search for ν(e) appearance in a ν(μ) beam in the MINOS long-baseline neutrino experiment. With an improved analysis and an increased exposure of 8.2 × 10(20) protons on the NuMI target at Fermilab, we find that 2 sin(2) (θ(23))sin(2)(2θ(13))<0.12(0.20) at 90% confidence level for δ = 0 and the normal (inverted) neutrino mass(More)
The velocity of a 3 GeV neutrino beam is measured by comparing detection times at the near and far detectors of the MINOS experiment, separated by 734 km. A total of 473 far detector neutrino events was used to measure …v ÿ c†=c ˆ 5:1 2:9 10 ÿ5 (at 68% C.L.). By correlating the measured energies of 258 charged-current neutrino events to their arrival times(More)
Tachykinin neurokinin 3 receptor (NK3R) is a G-protein (GTP binding protein) -coupled receptor that is heavily expressed by magnocellular neurons of the paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus (PVN). Osmotic challenge is reported to activate NK3R expressed by magnocellular neurons and cause the NK3R to be internalized to the cytoplasm and perhaps the(More)