D. Jayalatchumy

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Cloud computing is an On-demand self-service Internet infrastructure where a customer can pay and use only what is needed, managed by an API. The SP plays an active role in transmitting information across the cloud. Privacy for the information through authentication is being considered important. Providing security requires more than user authentication(More)
Agent technology is a software entity with selfadaptation and intelligence that can accomplish a task by means of initiative service on behalf of users. The purpose of this paper is to formulate a functional architecture that supports the e-learning objectives: study individually and cooperatively, anytime and anywhere, guide specific individuals to their(More)
Extracting useful information from dataset measuring in gigabytes and tetra bytes is a real challenge for data miners. Clustering algorithm have the problem of scalability while dealing with big data. The problem can be handled using parallel algorithm by executing them along with input data on high performance computer. The problem with graph based(More)
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