D. Jayadevappa

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Biological signals are nonlinear and non periodic in nature. The signals show self-similarity in various scales of time. Heart rate variability is a noisy time series having self-similar and self affine characteristics. Its analysis is commonly used in accessing the autonomic nervous system of the human body and in diagnosing of cardiac status and other(More)
Medical Image segmentation deals with segmentation of tumor in CT and MR images for improved quality in medical diagnosis. Geometric Vector Flow (GVF) enhances the concave object extraction capability. However, it suffers from high computational requirement and sensitiveness to noise. This paper intends to combine watershed algorithm with GVF snake model to(More)
Exchanging of medical data requires efficient authentication and protection of medical data that can be illegally modified. Watermarking plays an important role in protecting, sharing, and securing medical data. In this work, a robust nonblind medical image watermarking scheme is proposed. The process involves two steps: the embedding and the extraction(More)
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