D. Jayadevappa

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Medical Image segmentation deals with segmentation of tumor in CT and MR images for improved quality in medical diagnosis. Geometric Vector Flow (GVF) enhances the concave object extraction capability. However, it suffers from high computational requirement and sensitiveness to noise. This paper intends to combine watershed algorithm with GVF snake model to(More)
The renal medulla contains more mRNA of the inducible isoform of nitric oxide synthase (iNOS) than the cortex, which may be important in preventing ischaemic injury, since blood flow and tissue oxygen tension are normally low in this region. We examined the effects of the bacterial endotoxin E. coli lipopolysaccharide (LPS) on renal function and regional(More)
Biological signals are nonlinear and non periodic in nature. The signals show self-similarity in various scales of time. Heart rate variability is a noisy time series having self-similar and self affine characteristics. Its analysis is commonly used in accessing the autonomic nervous system of the human body and in diagnosing of cardiac status and other(More)
With technological advancements in medical electronics, and computerization of all standard medical institutions, the amount of image data being produced in these fields has been increasing constantly. Each hospital or institute provides services to thousands of patients per day, and most of the diagnosis tools are images for example x-rays, ultrasound(More)
Medical Image Watermarking has been proposed as a solution to deal with the problems of integrity, authenticity, and confidentiality and communications secrecy of medical images over networked environments. Medical image watermarking schemes exploit crucial traits of the medical image but this is not so for conventional images. In this paper, we compare the(More)
Exchanging of medical data requires efficient authentication and protection of medical data that can be illegally modified. Watermarking plays an important role in protecting, sharing, and securing medical data. In this work, a robust nonblind medical image watermarking scheme is proposed. The process involves two steps: the embedding and the extraction(More)
The Watershed transform is a popular segmentation method coming from the field of mathe-matical morphology. It has interesting properties that make it useful for many different image segmentation applications. In this paper we present two approaches: pixel scan approach and order invariant based approach. In the pixel scan method unlike the traditional(More)
We present a case of a non-Q wave myocardial infarction and acute renal failure following an ingestion of naphtha, a petroleum distillate composed primarily of hydrocarbons. The patient's renal, metabolic, and cardiac status improved over several days with aggressive volume replacement and bicarbonate therapy. Acute cardiotoxic effects of hydrocarbon(More)
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