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The glomerular distribution in the renal cortex of the Munich Wistar Frömter (MWF) rat, a substrain of the Munich Wistar rat selected for superficial glomeruli, was compared to that of a control strain (LEW/Ztm) between 10 and 150 days of age. While there were no significant differences in body growth, kidney weight, or growth of the renal cortex in these(More)
A. Frick, M. Neuweg and I. Durasin Among the different parathyroid hormones (human, bovine, porcine etc.) we examined the synthetic bovine parathyroid hormone (b-PTH(l-34)-Beck/nan) in clearance experiments in the rat. It was our aim to find out the dosis which is necessary to normalize the renal transport of inorganic phosphate (Pi) in short-term(More)
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