D. Janaki Ram

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n different nodes of the network. The two algorithms have been applied to the job shop scheduling problem (JSS) and the traveling salesman problem (TSP). Both algorithms showed very good performance in terms of solution time and solution quality. The rest of the paper is organized in the following fashion. Section II describes the simulated annealing(More)
With the advancement of technology in micro-electronics and wireless communication, small miniature devices called sensor nodes can be used to perform various tasks by forming themselves in to wireless sensor networks. In Wireless Sensor Networks(WSN), event detection is one of the main requirements for most of the applications. An event can be a simple(More)
The abundant computing resources available on the Internet has made grid computing over the Internet a viable solution, to scientific problems. The dynamic nature of the Internet necessitates dynamic reconfigurability of applications to handle failures and varying loads. Most of the existing grid solutions handle reconfigurability to a limited extent. These(More)
Estimating different characteristics viz., size, cost, etc. of software during different phases of software development is required to manage the resources effectively. Function points measure can be used as an input to estimate these characteristics of software. The Traditional Function Point Counting Procedure (TFPCP) can not be used to measure the(More)
Parallel computing on interconnected workstations is becoming a viable and attractive proposition due to the rapid growth in speeds of interconnection networks and processors. In the case of workstation clusters, there is always a considerable amount of unused computing capacity available in the network. However, heterogeneity in architectures and operating(More)
Due to the evolutionary nature of the design process, engineering design databases need to provide adequate support for versioning of designs corresponding to their different st.ages of evolution. Existing mechanisms of class and object versioning in Object-Oriented Databases fail to capture the design process as a concept in its Fnt.irety. For instance, a(More)
In the conventionalobject model, encapsulatedobjects interact by messages that result in method invocations on the destination object. A message is delivered directly at the destination object. As a result of the direct deliveries, the message control code performing intermediate message manipulations cannot be abstracted out separately from the message(More)
The practice of computing across two or more data centers separated by the Internet is growing in popularity due to an explosion in scalable computing demands and pay-as-you-go schemes offered on the cloud. While cloud-bursting is addressing this process of scaling up and down across data centers (i.e. between private and public clouds), offering service(More)