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n different nodes of the network. The two algorithms have been applied to the job shop scheduling problem (JSS) and the traveling salesman problem (TSP). Both algorithms showed very good performance in terms of solution time and solution quality. The rest of the paper is organized in the following fashion. Section II describes the simulated annealing(More)
Estimating different characteristics viz., size, cost, etc. of software during different phases of software development is required to manage the resources effectively. Function points measure can be used as an input to estimate these characteristics of software. The Traditional Function Point Counting Procedure (TFPCP) can not be used to measure the(More)
Scalability is an important issue in the construction of distributed systems. Shared object spaces provide an elegant and easy-to program abstraction for building applications. However, existing shared object spaces have been realized at the cluster level. Use of centralized components, lack of effective failure handling mechanisms, lack of efficient object(More)
Current mobile and distributed applications are being developed using J2ME, J2EE, CORBA, DCOM, etc. Developing applications for distributed and mobile systems is a tedious process, because the applications in these systems are open for change in requirements. So providing a language support for application development in open systems is vital.(More)
Class or object interactions form the basis of object-oriented design. However, design pattern interaction can be viewed as a higher level of abstraction for system design. The typical interactions among the patterns are a pattern uses another pattern to solve one of its sub problem, and a pattern combines with another pattern for completeness. This paper(More)
— Sybil attack is one of the most challenging problems that plague current decentralized Peer-to-Peer(P2P) systems. In Sybil attack, a single malicious user creates multiple peer identities known as sybils. These sybils are employed to target honest peers and hence subvert the system. In this paper, we describe a novel solution that enables all honest peers(More)
With the advancement of technology in micro-electronics and wireless communication, small miniature devices called sensor nodes can be used to perform various tasks by forming themselves in to wireless sensor networks. In Wireless Sensor Networks(WSN), event detection is one of the main requirements for most of the applications. An event can be a simple(More)
SUMMARY In the conventionalobject model, encapsulated objects interact by messages that result in method invocations on the destination object. A message is delivered directly at the destination object. As a result of the direct deliveries, the message control code performing intermediate message manipulations cannot be abstracted out separately from the(More)