D. James Greiner

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Is it feasible in the current United States to administer voter identification laws in a race-neutral manner? We study this question using rigorous field methods and state-of-the-art statistical techniques, thus accounting for sources of uncertainty (including survey non-response and clustering) that previous studies ignore. We conduct a sensitivity(More)
Despite its potential pitfalls, ecological inference is an unavoidable part of some quantitative settings, including US voting rights litigation. In such applications, the analyst will typically encounter two-way tables with more than two rows and columns. Although several ecological inference methods are currently available for 2 2 tables, there are fewer(More)
We report the results of the first of a series of randomized evaluations of legal assistance programs. This series of evaluations is designed to measure the effect of both an offer of and the actual use of representation, although it was not possible in the first study we report here to measure constructively all effects of actual use. The results of this(More)
As a promising nonvolatile memory technology, Phase Change Memory (PCM) has many advantages over traditional DRAM. Multilevel Cell PCM (MLC) has the benefit of increased memory capacity with low fabrication cost. Due to high per-cell write power and long write latency, MLC PCM requires careful power management to ensure write reliability. Unfortunately,(More)
The variables in the Skill Acquisition Model (Dreyfus & Dreyfus, 1988) were used to order observations made in a graduate student clinical supervisory group. Components, perspective, decision, and commitment are the variables and are discussed as they relate to learning beginning skills in the psychotherapy process.