D. Jackson

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Network-based learning is now such an important area that it would seem timely to examine progress to date and to draw conclusions regarding the direction of further research. This paper is the result of a survey of computer systems for distributed and distance learning, focusing on projects that help to illustrate the evolution of this important field. An(More)
  • D A Jackson
  • 1991
It may be that eukaryotic nuclei contain a collection of operationally independent units (genes), each controlled through its interactions with soluble protein factors which diffuse at random throughout the nucleoplasmic space. Alternatively, nuclei might be organized in such a sophisticated fashion that specific genes occupy distinct sites and that(More)
The work described in this paper is directed at the structure and construction of simulator-based systems for the development and testing of microcode. While the value of such software tools is widely recognised, their availability in the early stages of the development cycle of a new machine is subject to the time and effort required for their(More)
The growth in computing resources at scientific computing centers has created new challenges for system software. These multi-teraflop systems often exceed the capabilities of the system software and require new approaches to accommodate these large processor counts. The costs associated with development and maintenance of this software are also significant(More)
Models for the simulation of computer systems at the microarchitectural level are widely used to assist in design analysis and verification, and the development of microcode. The general model we describe here represents the behaviour of a clocked microarchitecture through the application of functions to component states and signal values. The operational(More)
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