D. J. Verburg

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The authors found a 60% incidence of difficulties in sexual functioning in 57 male patients who had taken thioridazine. Ejaculatory problems were the most frequent dysfunction; a third of these patients experienced retrograde ejaculation. The incidence of sexual difficulties in 64 patients who had taken other major tranquilizers was only 25%. None of the(More)
SUMMARY In the PReVENT sub-project WILLWARN a decentralized hazard warning application based on vehicle-to-vehicle communication was developed and demonstrated. One or more vehicles detect a potential hazard and communicate this information. The hazard information is distributed in a decentralized information network. The system in a receiving vehicle(More)
The application of driver support systems and automated (intelligent) transport systems is getting increasingly important because they have the potential to enhance the efficiency and safety of today's road transport without expanding the traffic infrastructure considerably. The high safety and reliability demands of these complex systems make their(More)
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