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This study examines and compares prominent characteristics of maternal responsiveness to infant activity during home-based naturalistic interactions of mother-infant dyads in New York City, Paris, and Tokyo. Both culture-general and culture-specific patterns of responsiveness emerged. For example, in all 3 locales infants behaved similarly, mothers also(More)
A survey of drug use among Israeli army personnel was conducted as part of a national survey of drug use initiated by the Anti Drug Authority of Israel during 1990. One thousand one hundred and twenty-five male and female soldiers from various units and ranks were selected by the use of randomized cluster sampling. Seventy to eighty-five per cent of the(More)
In the autumn of '94 we saw 32 patients with cutaneous leishmaniasis from a newly populated areas south of Yerucham. Yerucham had never previously been reported as a focus of leishmaniasis. Ongoing construction in the town and the health hazards that resulted may play a part in this new situation. There are a number of ways of controlling and preventing(More)
A year-long psychotherapy group consisting of two co-therapists and eight grandmothers who were parenting their daughters' children is presented. Three models that correspond to the co-therapists' psychoanalytic developmental orientation were used to describe the group phases of development. A number of themes that emerged at different points in the group's(More)
This article reviews the characteristics and components of intervention programs that are conducted by the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) in an attempt to reduce future cardiovascular (CV) morbidity and mortality among Israeli military personnel. Various populations have been targeted for intervention, ranging from selected high-risk individuals to the entire(More)
A rapid method for mapping health information during epidemics is described. We divided maps of cities into coded squares and assigned a code to each street which corresponded to its location on the map. Thus, health data information could be easily transferred from the field by indicating the number of cases in each square and readily transferring this(More)
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