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Semen samples from 77 men were used to estimate the accuracy and precision of measurements of sperm density, percent motility, and motion characteristics using a new, fully automated, computer-assisted semen analyzer (CASA). Results are compared with traditional semen analysis methodology. Acceptable precision for count and percent motility was obtained(More)
We compared the ability of sperm to undergo follicular fluid-induced acrosome reaction in vitro in fertile men and patients with unexplained infertility. After capacitation under optimum conditions, 28% of sperm from fertile men undergo acrosome reaction after follicular fluid exposure, whereas only 7% of the cells react spontaneously. In 15 men with(More)
The authors compared sperm acrosin activity with sperm density and cell motion characteristics in 21 normal fertile men and 25 patients with unexplained infertility. Under standardized and optimized conditions of abstinence and semen sample processing, we measured sperm acrosin activity in washed sperm from direct aliquots of semen and in aliquots of semen(More)
In order to define the minimal number of sperm needed for conception, we studied semen characteristics of men with isolated hypogonadotropic hypogonadism (IHH) who became sperm-positive during gonadotropin therapy. Twenty-two of 24 men (92%) proved fertile, initiating a total of 40 pregnancies. The mean (+/- standard error of the mean) sperm concentration(More)
Sperm curvilinear velocity (Vc) and linearity (L) were analyzed in semen from 20 fertile men and from 53 patients with unexplained infertility by a computer-assisted semen analyzer (CASA). Because the frequency distribution of Vc from patient's spermatozoa showed a nongaussian distribution, comparison of mean values of Vc and L between men with unexplained(More)
The authors compared curvilinear velocity (Vc) and linearity (L) of sperm from fertile oligospermic men with isolated hypogonadotropic hypogonadism (IHH) to Vc and L of sperm from fertile normal men in order to determine if sperm motion analysis is better than sperm density as an indicator of fertility potential. Nine fertile men with IHH treated with(More)
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