D. J. Senior

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The extracellular mannanase and endoglucanase activities of Trichoderma harzianum E58 were followed during growth of the fungus on 1% (w/v) mannose, Avicel, locust bean gum, konjac powder or the water-soluble fraction from stream-treated white spruce (SWS). Peak galactomannanase activities of 0.60 IU/ml and 0.66 IU/ml were detected in culture filtrates(More)
The specificity of action of a cellulase-free xylanase preparation on pulp fibers was revealed by the composition of the solubilized products after enzyme treatment. The neutral carbohydrates released by the treatment of two hardwood kraft pulps were composed exclusively of xylooligomers. A similar treatment of Solka Floc showed no detrimental effect on the(More)
When purified xylanases from Trichoderma harzianum E58 or from a clone of Bacillus circulans were incubated with various low-yield wood pulps, little of the original enzyme activity could be detected in the filtrate at the end of the reaction. Partial bleaching of the pulps prior to enzymatic treatment generally resulted in an increased recovery of the(More)
Growth of Trichoderma harzianum E58 on hemicellulose-rich media, both in batch and fermentor cultures, resulted in independent profiles for the production of xylanase and endoglucanase enzymes. Dramatic differences in the ratio of xylanase to endoglucanase activities were observed among cultures grown on cellulose-rich Solka Floc and xylan. These results(More)
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