D J Pierse

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Patients have been very satisfied with these lenses (78% wearing at the end of six months), not the least those with reduced function of the macula. The problems of infection have been discussed, and apart from improvement in lens materials patient selection is of paramount importance. The problem of deposits is presented, but theri elimination will depend(More)
Ectopic salivary gland inclusions in the mandible are a rare phenomenon. Classically as described by Stafne they have been found in the posterior mandibular region. Cases affecting the anterior mandible are even more unusual. We report a case of ectopic salivary gland tissue in the anterior mandible. In our discussion we emphasise the need for a thorough(More)
Mandibular fractures are common in oral and maxillofacial departments in the UK. The aim of this study was to find out the national practice in preoperative and postoperative radiographic investigations for fractured mandibles and to audit their diagnostic capacity, including specificity and sensitivity to short-term complications. The audit took place over(More)