D. J. Peters

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The role of outer surface proteins (Osp) A and B and length of time in culture on the adhesion and cytotoxicity of Borrelia burgdorferi to C6 glioma and PC-12 pheochromocytoma cells was investigated using 6 different spirochete strains in an ELISA. Statistically significant differences in adhesion between OspB mutants and parental isolates were not seen,(More)
The protein product of the src-related proto-oncogene, fyn, was isolated from IM-9 cells with antibodies specific for the amino-terminal 22 residues of the fyn protein. Peptide mapping demonstrated that the fyn protein was distinct from the closely related c-src and c-fgr proteins. The fyn protein from IM-9 cells incorporated [3H]myristate in vivo and was(More)
A synthetic gene for human platelet factor 4 (hPF4) has been expressed at high levels as a fusion protein in Escherichia coli. The hPF4 sequence has been cleaved from the fusion protein by cyanogen bromide treatment and purified by column chromatography. Like hPF4, our recombinant hPF4 (rhPF4) is tetrameric under physiological conditions, binds heparin, and(More)
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