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The effects of nicotinic receptor agonists on the elevated plus-maze test of anxiety were investigated in CD1 mice after intraperitoneal injections. Nicotine and lobeline, but not cytisine, exhibited a significant increase in the time spent by the mice in the open arms, a measure of anxiolytic activity. Nicotine also increased the total number of arm(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim was to investigate the white matter abnormalities of drug-naïve patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) using diffusion tensor-imaging and the white matter changes in the patients after pharmacotherapy. METHOD Thirteen drug-naïve OCD patients and 13 age- and sex-matched healthy comparison subjects were examined using diffusion(More)
(2.4)-Dimethoxybenzylidene anabaseine dihydrochloride (GTS-21), a compound that interacts with rat neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChRs), was evaluated using human recombinant nAChRs in vitro and various pharmacokinetic and behavioral models in rodents, dogs and monkeys. GTS-21 bound to human alpha 4 beta 2 nAChR (K1-20 nM) 100-fold more(More)
This study was conducted to evaluate the effect of acute sleep deprivation on cognitive functions. A total of 18 healthy right handed males were deprived of sleep for 24 hours. Luria-Nebraska Neuropsychological Battery and calculation & digit-span subtest of K-WAIS were administered before and after sleep deprivation in order to examine the changes of(More)
We studied the complexity of the electroencephalogram (EEG) in schizophrenic patients by estimating the first Lyapunov exponent (L1), which might serve as an indicator of the specific brain function in schizophrenia. We recorded the EEG from 25 schizophrenic patients (12 male, 13 female; age=25.1+/-7.0 years) fulfilling DSM-IV criteria and 15 healthy(More)
This study examined whether or not the properties of cutaneous nociceptive fibers are altered in the neuropathic state by comparing lumbars 5 and 6 spinal nerve ligation (SNL) rats with sham-operated controls. The rats with the unilateral SNL developed mechanical allodynia in the ipsilateral hind limb, whereas the sham group did not. Two to 5 weeks after(More)
We estimated the correlation dimensions of EEGs in patients with schizophrenia to investigate the dynamical properties underlying the EEG. We employed a new method, proposed by Kennel et al. (Kennel MB, Brown R, Abarbanel HDI. Determining embedding dimension for phase-space reconstruction using a geometrical construction. Phys Rev A 1992;45:3403-11), to(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the potential of our newly developed three-dimensional immersive virtual reality (VR) program modeled on a real street crossing as an assessment tool for extrapersonal neglect in stroke patients. METHODS Thirty-two patients with right-hemispheric stroke (neglect group, 16; non-neglect group, 16) were enrolled. The deviation angle,(More)
Human liver cancers have been associated mainly with chronic inflammations such as viral hepatitis B or C. This suggests that prolonged cell damage by chronic inflammation is critical in cancer development. Overproduction of nitric oxide (NO.) and its derivative (NOx, peroxynitrite) has been implicated as a cause of tissue damage by inflammation, thus(More)
A novel cholinergic channel modulator, ABT-594, was tested in two established and distinct models of neuropathic pain; the Chung model (i.e., tight ligation of L5 and L6 spinal nerves) and a diabetic neuropathy model (i.e., streptozotocin-induced diabetes). Tactile allodynia and mechanical hyperalgesia were assessed in the Chung and diabetic neuropathy(More)